“Coffee” the facts and types of coffee

“Coffee” the facts and types of coffee

Coffee is popular in Japan☕ When I was a child, it was normal to drink instant coffee at home or buy a canned coffee. But nowadays, you can find authentic coffee everywhere not only at cafes but also at convenience stores.

By the way, the most likely theory is that coffee was introduced to Japan by the Dutch who entered the country from Nagasaki in the early Edo period, however, at the time, the taste and aroma didn’t seem to fit in and it never became popular in Japan. It is said that coffee became popular in Japan in the Meiji era (1868-1912). Nowadays, the word ” coffee ” is written as ” 珈琲 ” in Japanese, but in the old days, it was written as ” 可否 “. I was very surprised that when I heard that the inventor of instant coffee and iced coffee was Japanese. WOW, great work☺!!

As a bonus, there are many studies showing that there are surprising mental and physical health benefits drinking coffee in moderation.

Today I introduce Australian coffee.
I think drip coffee is popular in Japan, but here, basically, when we say coffee, it means espresso coffee.

[Types of Coffee]

1.Flat White
Espresso with steamed milk. It’s called “flat” because the finely frothed milk is poured flat on the surface. Because the cup is filled with milk to the top, it is very easy to spill when you pick it up. Flat White is very popular in Australia, but other countries might not have heard of it…

Espresso with steamed & foamed milk. Normally there is some foam of art on the surface. For example, leaf or heart. I guess latte art is also famous in Japan. However, cafe latte and cafe au lait are similar but slightly different. The cafe latte is Italian and the cafe au lait is French. Both are coffee with milk, but the latte is espresso-based and the café au lait is a drip Coffee based.

It’s more foam milk than a latte, with chocolate powder on top. I like the foamed milk (froth), but I’m not a big fan of chocolate, so I always have ordered without chocolate powder.

A latte with chocolate. Also topped with chocolate powder to finish.

5.Long Black
Espresso with hot water. In the US and Japan, it’s called “Americano”. It depends on the type of beans, but I don’t really like it because it’s very bitter.

6.Short Black
Espresso only. Choice of single or double shot.

7.Long Macchiato
Mini size of Long Black. It has a foam called froth on top. In Japan, Starbucks’ caramel macchiato is very popular, but the long macchiato is not as sweet as it should be. Be careful not to ask for the wrong thing!

8.Short Macchiato
Espresso with froth on top. The short macchiato is never too sweet either. Just like a Long Macchiato.

9.Hot Chocolate
This one has no coffee instead steam & foam milk is poured into chocolate. Popular with kids. What a surprise, it comes with marshmallows too. How sweet it is…

It varies from cafe to cafe, but it’s basically a poured foam milk called froth. Some of the cafes put cold milk in it. As the name suggests, this is a drink that even babies can drink.

Flat White

Hot Chocolate
Long Black
Long Macchiato

You can also add syrup, choose the type of milk (soy, almond, lactose-free milk, etc) you’d like to drink, and other customization options. Please enjoy a relaxing moment with your favorite coffee. ☺☕❤