September is “Corn Moon🌛”

September is “Corn Moon🌛”

The time of the full moon has come this month!
This blog started in June, and it is the fourth full moon. This month is called “Corn Moon” because it is the month of harvesting corn (Northan hemisphere). Usually, the full moon in September is called the “Harvest Moon”, but this year is different because there are two full moons in October.

There are a lot of people who float the word such as “JUGOYA” and “CHUSHU NO MEIGETSU” when autumn is said.
JUGOYA is the night of the 15th of every month of the lunar calendar. In the lunar calendar, the beginning of the month is the first day of the new moon. And from there, the 15th day is about the full moon. CHUSHU NO MEIGETSU means the middle month of autumn (Northan hemisphere), and in the lunar calendar, around August 15th falls on the famous moon of the middle autumn. Today, JYUGOYA means CHUSHU NO MEIGETSU.

Northan hemisphere,
Lunar Spring (Jan, Feb, Mar), Summer (Apr, May, Jun)
Autumn (Jul, Aug, Sep), Winter (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Well, let’s see a corn moon 👇

It’s autumn in Japan, but here in Australia winter is finally over and spring is here. It’s getting warmer and warmer at night, so I hope I don’t need a hoodie next month♪ We can see the full moon twice in October, so I’m looking forward to it 😁