“Dream Notebook” to deepen the bond

“Dream Notebook” to deepen the bond

My partner and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary 💑. Usually I make a photo album that I’ve put a year’s worth of photos together and my partner makes a video of the past year. We also make plans we wish to accomplish by our next anniversary. When I was thinking about what I want to achieve and what would happen to our future, I found a website called a “Dream Notebook”.

“Dream Notebook” assists me to describes the dreams and goals that I have and “I want to do this following year!” “It’s fun pursuing my dreams and goals”. Keisuke Honda, a very famous Japanese soccer player, has been making dream notebooks since he was in elementary school, and now he personally designs and produces notebooks that are actually called dream notes. I’m convinced that he is a straightforward talk the talk, walk the walk person.
Even if you haven’t heard the word “Dream Notebook”, many people will come up with something similar if you ask, for example “a List of 100 things I want to do before I die.”

What do you need for a dream notebook?
 ✅ Notebook (Dream Notebook)
 ✅ Pen (any color is OK)
It’s very simple. If you only have these two, you can start anytime♪

How to write a dream notebook? ?
 ✅ places and travel destination where you want to go
 ✅ your desires and goals
 ✅ things what you want and need
✅ challenges which you want to overcome
 ✅ foods which you want to eat and cook
 ✅people whom you want to meet (parents, friends, celebrities)
There are no specific rules in writing a Dream Notebook. It’s good to be able to look back on it later and be “excited” about your progress. If the dream notebook comes true and you achieve your goals it’s not over, you can add your next goals or visions. Some people also draw illustrations and post photos.

⚠ Cautions ⚠️
Write “I will do it”, not “I wish I could”. Don’t hope it will come true “someday”, someday never comes, so set a deadline, for example, by the end of this week or by the end of this month or by the summer, or a half year later. Write your dream as concrete as possible.

When I first started to think what to write in my “Dream Notebook”, I couldn’t come up with any ideas. But I kept thinking then lots of thoughts came to my mind.  If you don’t come up with anything, why don’t you think about winning the 100 million dollars lottery? I’m sure there will be sleeping ambition in you.

My partner and I wrote down not only what we wanted for ourselves but also the things we wanted to achieve together, and then we talked to each other about what we wrote. It was a great opportunity to talk about our future because we don’t often discuss our future plans very seriously and concretely. Each day we make time to talk about our days events, but I didn’t know 100% what he was aiming for and what he was thinking about in the long term. It is a great opportunity to deepen our ties with each other. When we can achieve it together, it’s going to be pleasant. Even if we fail to reach a goal, we can discuss the points that stop us achieving it and try another way next time. Also in doing a dream notebook with your partner it shows each other that you are committed to the success and happiness of the relationship.
Of course, it is necessary to discuss our progress and whether we have achieved our goals at least once a month.
I always had a dream notebook in my mind but now that I write them down it makes them more concrete. I wonder why I didn’t have a written dream notebook for every year in the past😅.
I definitely recommend it to those who want to deepen their bond with themselves along with their partner. It can really help. Let’s try it 👍