“12 Little Known of Laws of Gratitude”

“12 Little Known of Laws of Gratitude”

Recently, my mum bought me some books as a birthday present and sent them from Japan to Australia. Normally mail arrives within 1 week by airmail, but this time, due to the influence of COVID-19, airmail is suspended, so it was sent by seamail. It will take more than 6 weeks, and actually I don’t know when the books will arrive 😅

However, a long time ago (before1920), when people went abroad or travelled long-distance, they only could use a ship. Of course, it took months to get to their destination and the same to return. Lots of people died during travelling by sea due to the dangers of the ocean.
Thanks to the advances of technology, now, we can fly from Japan to everywhere 🛫 It takes about an hour to Korea or China. It only takes 9 hours to Australia. This is really convenient. Thank you technology.

There are many other things that I also appreciate. Being able to eat rice even in Australia, having a job and earning money to buy what I want, having a car that makes commuting easy, living in a house, having health, having nice people around me. The list goes on and on.

Actually, when you continuously write a “Gratitude Journal”, you can see the great result in many ways. There are physical effects such as increased immune system and decreased blood pressure, psychological effects such as increased positive emotions and feeling more fun and joy, social effects such as becoming more diplomatic and being more forgiving of others’ mistakes. It has been proven by science.

So today, I want to introduce to you
 “12 Little Known Laws of Gratitude( That Will Change Your Life)” from 『Marc and Angel Hack Life』
On my Japanese page, I translated it from English to Japanese. If you want to read it in English, you can click on the above link and enjoy it!