Memories of “Japanese Dish”

I had a day off this Saturday, so I decided to cook a decent Japanese meal. In Australia, it is very difficult to get proper Japanese food (ingredients). Of course, you can buy normal vegetables such […]

“Buck Moon” in July

This month’s full moon has come. July is “Buck Moon 🌛”. The male deer, otherwise known as a “buck” whose horns grow every year, start regrowing in July. When you say full […]

“Reticular Activating System (RAS)”

I’ve recently learned about the “Reticular Activating System”.In Japanese, it is “脳幹網様体賦活系(のうかんもうようたいふかつけい)”.At first, I guessed maybe that it was related to the work of […]

“BBQ” Japan V’s Australia

Speaking of summer in Japan, there are quite a few people enjoying the ocean, festivals, watching fireworks, and socializing whilst cooking food on barbecues. When I was a student in Japan, we gathere […]

June is “Strawberry Moon”

Look at the stars in the sky♪ Kyu SakamotoThis song was released long before I was born, but I think everyone has heard it once. The other day, it was a full moon, so I got a takeaway dinner and went […]