“Spring has sprung” in Australia

“Spring has sprung” in Australia

It’s finally getting warmer and I feel like spring has come! It is 27 ℃ today, very comfortable temperature. I’m wearing a half-sleeved shirt and shorts. It’s pretty warm compared to spring in Japan. When the cherry blossoms bloomed in spring in Japan, I still couldn’t let go of my jacket. For me who is not good in the cold, it is a season like heaven from now♪

Because it is spring, many flowers are in full bloom everywhere. In fact, spring has come to my vegetable garden on the balcony👇

Mizuna (yellow) and rocket (white) flowers
The flower of the spring onion seems to bloom…

In Japan, plums, peaches, and cherry blossoms are famous for spring flowers, but in fact, plums and peaches came from China, not native to Japan. In addition to cherry blossoms, there are lots of Japanese native flowers which are violets, camellia, wisteria, primrose, Japanese witch hazel, and magnolia kobusi. I haven’t heard some of flower 😅

Today, I’m going to introduce flowers native to Australia that bloom in spring!
First of all, here they are👇

Bottlebrush (Endeavour)
the bee enjoys bottlebrush🐝
Leptospermum Pacific Beauty

the bee enjoys pacific beauty🐝

Ivory Whip
Lolly Pop
Bottlebrush (Captain Cook)
Dietes Tricolor
It looks like a beautiful butterfly🦋in the middle
Osteospermum (Voltage)

In addition, a beautiful purple flower called Jacalanda is sure to bloom, but it doesn’t seem to be blooming yet this year, so I’ll upload it when it blooms!
See u soon🎵