“Herb and Vegetable Garden” on the balcony

“Herb and Vegetable Garden” on the balcony

I went to Bunnings Warehouse to buy tap fittings and gardening stuff on my day off. Bunnings is like a home centre in Japan that sells everything to do with homes. However, the scale is extremely large. From small screws to insanely large water tanks (50,050L). You can buy just about anything for the home, such as gardening, toilets, kitchens, and BBQ sets. It’s a great place for people who like DIY.

This is what I found in the Gardening Section of Bunnings today👇

Mizuna Green? What’s that??

Mizuna (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica) is a leafy green vegetable that’s native to East Asia. It’s also referred to as Japanese mustard greens, spider mustard, or kyona.

I’ve never seen Mizuna Green in Australian supermarkets. This is one of my favourite vegetables😋💕
I’m really happy😁😁😁 Every time I go back to Japan, I always buy Mizuna Green and eat it in a salad or in a hot pot almost every day. Now I can eat it here in Australia♪

I also bought a couple of planters, pots of chives and rocket, and the soil.

Here are planted seedlings👇

Mizuna Green

Grow up! Grow up!! I can’t wait for the harvest😋
The photos below are the rocket, spring onion and parsley planted in April.
When they are bathed in the sun and watered regularly, they get bigger day by day.
I ate them many times, but the leaves grow back.
These are before / after shot of the rocket, spring onion and parsley 👇

Rocket (before)
Rocket (after)
spring onion and parsley (before)
spring onion and parsley (after)

I started the kitchen garden when the self-isolation life started during COVID-19. I bought a bunch of spring onion and parsley at a supermarket, cut the roots off, and planted them in the soil. These two will grow even if I cut them and ate them many times. It was a perfect vegetable for me who was a beginner in the kitchen garden. At first, I was wondering how successful I would be growing the vegetables, but maintaining and watering became my daily routine. My imagination went wild thinking about a larger property where I could have a large vegetable garden. But when I thought about it I am probably too lazy to maintain it😅
Also, when the vegetables grow, I’ll upload a photo♪
Please look forward to it😊