“9 Powerful Ways to Spend a Day”

“9 Powerful Ways to Spend a Day”

How do you want to spend today ❓
Do you have a dream that you want to fulfill in the future ❓ I realized that I was spending time without thinking purposely until I met my partner…
Of course, I worked full time and did housework, however, I spent my spare time watching TV and reading comics without any fulfilling meaning to life. I thought it was normal, but I realized that I was wasting my time and it was a good chance to change my habits. From then on, I’ve been studying something little by little almost every day, reading books, watching videos, and searching the internet. I want to share what I’ve learned, so I started this blog…

My partner said that one of the keys to fulfillment ( IKIGAI ; the Japanese meaning for reason for living ) is, “constant and never-ending improvement”
There is no end to improvement. If you make an effort every day, you will progress little by little and grow, but if you don’t choose to make an effort, time keeps moving forward, so it means that you are only regressing and retreating.

He also told me there was a good web site that I could use for studying and it is updated daily.

The web site title is Marc and Angel Hack Life
Marc and Angel Chernoff are New York Times bestselling authors, professional coaches, full-time students of life, admirers of the human spirit, and have been recognized by Forbes as having “one of the most popular personal development blogs.”  Through their blog, books, course, and coaching, they’ve spent the past decade writing about and teaching has proven strategies for finding lasting happiness, success, love, and peace. ( from their web site)

Today I want to introduce you ” 9 Powerful Ways to Spend a Day “.
On my Japanese page, I translated it from English to Japanese. If you want to read it in English, you can click on the above link and enjoy it!